Currently we have three different campaigns going on up in the North.

Our first Campaign is Ser Erik Loftbrook, a landed knight of Lord Roddrik Woolfield of Ramsgate. Ser Loftbrook is a huge man, recently married to Sylvie Hart during the “Black Wedding”. While taking his bride home, he watched his little wife plunge a knife into the head of a would be robber who jumped up onto the seat of her wagon after putting his knife to her throat. In a fit of mercy and pragmatism, Ser Loftbrook took the “Wedding Party” back home with him. He needs labor at his castle, the “Wedding Party” will help him, or else.

The second campaign revolves around a keep west of Winterfell. It is still not complete as it came into being after the War of the Usurper. The main character was gifted the lands on a river near Winterfell. He was placed there as a shield wall for Winterfell against the Wildling attacks that frequent the area. The castle should be finished in about two years.

The third campaign revolves around Wayland’s Crossing on King’s Road. Situated halfway from Winterfell down the Kings Road to The Neck at a crossroad to the eastern part of the land facing the Narrow Sea.

A Song of Fire and Ice