Sylvie Hart Loftbrook

5'4", thin, dark blond hair.


A most beautiful woman. Only about 5’4" and maybe 90 pounds. Light brown or dark blond hair, depending on the light. Extremely pleasant or disgustingly repulsive, depending upon her mood.

Players know she was having an affair with Ser Etan Hogg the night prior to her wedding to Ser Kevan Manning. The wedding was to mend grievances with the Mannings for years of boarder skirmishes. The players also know she was pregnant with Etan’s child. They do not know what happened with the pregnancy.

The Maester presented the perfume to her and watched her countenance melt away.

The gifts from Ser Loftbrook have made her quite giddy with excitement. They may also have noticed her weakness for Arbor Gold.

Ser Loftbrook watched as she plunged the stiletto into the head of the brigand who jumped up onto the wagon and put the knife to his wife’s throat. He also watched as she held him up while the robbery unfolded, and how she tossed him off the wagon when she knew the danger had passed.

She has made no bones about her disgust with the “Wedding Party”. Them following her to her new home sets poorly with her.

The party has seen how she manipulated the garrison, archers, and infantry, as well as the villagers to do her will. Ser Loftbrook has watched as his liege lord melted in front of Sylvie, and the very generous gift he presented to her as a wedding gift.


Sylvie Hart Loftbrook

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